The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Safe and Trusted Artificial Intelligence brings together world leading experts from King’s College London and Imperial College London to train a new generation of researchers in how to develop AI systems that are safe and trustworthy.  

Leadership team

The Centre’s academic leadership team oversee all aspects of the Centre’s research, student training, partnerships, research culture and environment. The current leadership team is shown below.

Previous members comprise: Professor Michael Luck (founding Director), Professor Alessio Lomuscio (founding Deputy Director), Dr Natalia Criado (founding Co-Director),  Dr Daniele Magazzeni (founding Co-Director), Dr Odinaldo Rodrigues (former Co-Director), Dr Fariba Sadri (founding Co-Director), Professor Francesca Toni (founding Co-Director). 

Centre Office

The Centre Leadership Team are supported by a dedicated Centre Office who work in collaboration with our Directors, students and supervisors to deliver the Centre’s research, student training and cohort building objectives.


Students joining the Centre have a range of backgrounds and experiences, and engage with their peers throughout their PhD. The Centre works hard to provide an inclusive and supportive student experience, and to ensure that student feedback informs the evaluation and development of activities and events.

Advisory board

The Centre is supported by an independent Advisory Board, which provides advice and guidance on the growth and progress of the Centre.

Advisory board

The Advisory Board constitutes a group of experts who provide independent, constructive, and strategic guidance on the direction of the Centre and how it should evolve. The Advisory Board helps the Centre to identify and address areas of opportunity and supports the creation of partnerships and other strategic links.

The board

  • Professor Tim Norman, University of Southampton, Director of UKRI MINDS CDT
  • Marina Jirotka, Oxford University
  • Anthony Hunter, University College London
  • Karl Hoods, CIO at BEIS
  • Toby Walsh, Scientia Professor of AI at UNSW
  • David W. Aha, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Ben Murton, Head of Researcher Development at the Turing Institute
  • Birna van Riemsdijk, winner of the Dutch ICT-Research 2014 Award
  • Jeremy Bradley, Independent