Dr Francesco Belardinelli


Dr Francesco Belardinelli is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Computing, Imperial College, London. Dr Belardinelli’s research focuses on the applications of logic-based formalisms to artificial intelligence. His main areas of interest include logic-based languages for AI, the specification and verification of multi-agent systems, strategic reasoning under imperfect information, and safety in reinforcement learning.

Over the years Dr Belardinelli has developed several research projects, both in the UK and abroad. He was recipient of a Marie Curie fellowship for the project FoMMAS on first-order specification languages for multi-agent systems, and he was principal investigator in the ANR JCJC project SVeDaS on the specification and verification of data-aware systems. Currently, Dr Belardinelli is a partner in the ANR PRC project AGAPE on auction languages for general auction players. Dr Belardinelli regularly serves on the programme committees of major conferences in AI (AAMAS, AAAI, IJCAI) and has been programme chair for EUMAS 2017 and FMAI 2021.