Summer School 2023

The Safe and Trusted AI Summer School will be held at Imperial College London on 17 to 19 July, in person. 

Invited speakers so far include: Vince Conitzer (CMU), Edith Elkind (University of Oxford), Dan Hunter (King’s College London), David Krueger (University of Cambridge), Anna Lauscher (University of Hamburg) and Pawan Kumar (DeepMind).

The cost of registration is £100, which includes food and beverages for coffee and lunch breaks across the three days. Register for your place at

Registrations for external participants close on Friday 30 June at 5pm.

There will be a poster session at lunchtime every day of the school. Should you wish to present your research, please contact by no later than Friday 30 June. Posters should be size A1 or A2.



The Summer School will take place over three days, 17-19 July 2023 at Imperial College London.

Location: Huxley Building, Imperial College London SW7 2AZ. The location can be found on the map here.

The tentative schedule is shown below. 


Day 1: Mon 17 JulyDay 2: Tues 18 JulyDay 3: Wed 19 July
09:45-10:00Introduction to Safe and Trusted AI09:30-10:45David Krueger (P.1): 09:30-10:45Anne Lauscher (P.1): 
10:00-11:15Dan Hunter (P.1)10:45-11:00Break10:45-11:00Break
11:15-11:30Break11:00-12:15David Krueger  (P.2)11:00-12:15Anne Lauscher continues (P.2)
11:30-12:45Dan Hunter (P.2)12:15-13:45Lunch Break + Poster Session12:15-13:45Lunch Break+ Poster Session
12:45-14:15Lunch Break + Poster Session13:45-15:00Vince Conitzer (P.1): 13:45-15:00Pawan Kumar (P.1) 
14:15-15:30Edith Elkind (P.1) 15:00-15:15Break15:00-15:15Break
15:30-15:45Break15:15-16:30Vince Conitzer (P.2)15:15-16:30Pawan Kumar (P.2)
15:45-17:00Edith Elkind (P.2)16:30-18:30Social Reception16:30-17:00Closing Remarks

Verification of Neural Networks

Prof. M. Pawan Kumar

19 July 2023 1:45 pm - 4:30 pm

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Designing Agents’ Preferences, Beliefs, and Identities

Prof. Vincent Conitzer

18 July 2023 1:45 pm - 4:30 pm

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AI Existential Safety

Dr. David Krueger

18 July 2023 9:30 am - 12:15 pm

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Computational social choice

Prof. Edith Elkind

17 July 2023 2:15 pm - 5:00 pm

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The Law and Ethics of Generative AI

Prof. Dan Hunter

17 July 2023 10:00 am - 12:45 pm

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