Xin Fan Guo

My research project is focused on developing a knowledge-based model for Intrusion Detection within the security domain. This direction is a shift from the prevalent data-driven methods in the field. Despite their effectiveness in detection, these methods are often criticized for being ‘black boxes’ – they provide high detection scores but lack transparency, making it difficult for users to interpret results and build trust. My work aims to tackle this issue by aligning domain-specific knowledge with the patterns learned by the model, ensuring trustworthiness in the process.

Participating in the STAI CDT offers an experience that’s quite distinct from a typical PhD program. It’s a cohort-based environment that encourages us to engage in active research discussions. Additionally, it offers a wide range of training courses, allowing us to explore various AI fields.

Undergraduate Qualification: Bachelor Of Science (Hons) In Computer Science With A Year In Industry, King’s College London