Muhammad Malik

My project aims to analyse existing robotics research in terms of bias and inclusivity and create new methodologies for inclusive and participatory robotics development, with a focus on promoting safety and ensuring that robot systems benefit all social groups, especially marginalized and vulnerable groups. My interests include Ethical Issues in Planning, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Fairness, Explainability in AI, and Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).

I decided to apply to the STAI CDT because of its unique cohort-based model, which not only encourages collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds but also provides them with an environment that is ideal for interdisciplinary research. Collaborating with intelligent minds not only broadens my thinking and helps exchange ideas but also keeps me on track to achieve my goals and objectives.

Masters Qualification: M.Sc. Applied Artificial Intelligence, Cranfield University, United Kingdom

Undergraduate Qualification: B.E. Electrical Engineering, National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Pakistan

Work Experience:

  • Research Assistant National Center of Robotics & Automation NCRA, Pakistan
  • Lecturer at National University of Sciences & Technology NUST-EME, Pakistan