Jack Contro

My PhD project focuses on detecting deception and manipulation in AI systems. The goal is to build tools and methods that can have a real-world impact on the regulation of these technologies. There is a very real possibility that the algorithms that are being (and have been) built in this space will be used for political and economic gains. I think it’s very important that citizens and governments have tools to regulate and protect themselves from these dangers.

I chose to do my PhD with the STAI CDT because of the community of researchers that are aligned with my values around the importance for safe and trusted AI. The cohort of students creates a bubbling environment for ideas to be generated and cross pollinated, something that is essential for true innovation. 

Masters Qualification: MPhys (Physics) from the University of Manchester

Work Experience:

  • Data Scientist consultant at Kubrick Group
  • Software Engineer at Sourceful

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-contro-0a575110a/