Michelle Nwachukwu

My PhD project investigates the intersection between knowledge graphs (KGs) and bias. Currently there is no clear consensus on how to measure bias in KGs to ensure that it is fair. There is also very little understanding of the design process of creating a KG so this opens the uncertainty on how or if this process allows for bias to be introduced into the KG and what methods could be used to prevent this. The main aims of this project is to address these issues and I’m especially interested in how logic reasoning can play a part in this.

I chose the CDT because it gives me the opportunity to talk to like-minded people interested in a range of topics centered around safe and trusted AI. The training in the CDT has also introduced me to many areas that I had not previously encountered, providing the perfect environment to continuously learn and grow as a researcher.

Undergraduate Qualification: BEng in Biomedical Engineering, King’s College London

Masters Qualification: MSc in Human Computer Interaction, University of Bath