Mariya Pavlova

My research project focuses on solving the black box problem associated with LLMs. Specifically, I look at Language-Model-as-a-Service (LMaaS) and knowledge representation. 

My research interests are NLP, machine learning and explainable AI.

I chose to pursue a PhD with the STAI CDT because it is in line with my research interests, it is inclusive, and offers additional resources and training.

Masters Qualification: MSc AI, Queen Mary University of London, DeepMind scholar

Work Experience: Mariya is Director at Sustainable Fitch (part of Fitch Group) responsible for product development. Prior to that, she spent a number of years at top firms in asset management. She also is a DeepMind scholar, ITU (United Nations) member, Women of the Future: 50 Rising Stars in ESG winner, frequent guest speaker, mentor & lecturer.