Hana Kopecka

Undergraduate Qualification: BA in Sociology and Social Policy, Charles University 

Masters Qualification: Big Data and Digital Futures, University of Warwick

My PhD project focuses on the interaction between AI systems and users. In particular, I am interested in designing AI explanations, that would be understandable to users and would allow them to receive information they require in an accessible fashion. The aim of my work is to explore what are the specific needs of different users and ultimately, to empower them in an interaction with AI systems, so that the users are able to understand the reasoning of these systems and critically engage with their outcomes.

I chose to do my PhD as a part of the STAI CDT because the training activities offered by the programme support students coming from different backgrounds and as a result, it creates diverse and inspiring community.

I hold a BA in Sociology and Social Policy from Charles University in Prague and MSc in Big Data and Digital Futures from The University of Warwick.

Website: https://hanakopecka.github.io/