Francis Rhys Ward

The current focus of my PhD is on scenarios involving multi-agent interactions between both humans and artificial agents. Technically, my interests lie in the intersection of reinforcement and reward learning, game theory, and symbolic approaches to AI.  

For me, the main benefit of the CDT is the strong community, of both students and supervisors, who are passionate about safe and trusted AI. In addition, my supervisors provide great mentorship whilst also allowing me the freedom to pursue my own technical interests.  


Undergraduate Qualification: BSc Mathematics and its Applications, The University of Cardiff 

Masters Qualification: MSc Artificial Intelligence, Imperial College London 

Work Experience: I have just finished a Summer Research Fellowship at the Center on Long-Term Risk researching the incentives that AI agents may have to manipulate humans and one-another. Previously, I have worked, during my MSc on medical AI: at the University of York on interpretable AI; at CERN and the University of Warwick on theoretical and experimental particle physics; and at Cardiff University on game-theoretical software development.