Elfia Bezou-Vrakatseli

My PhD project focuses on the exploration and analysis of natural language texts, specifically of philosophical debates on society’s ethical and moral issues, through argument schemes and critical questions. The aim is to develop a new corpus which will enable the automatization of argument mining from texts. Subsequently, the obtained argument schemes will be used to support dialogical exchanges between humans and AI systems with respect to transparent and rational reasoning. 

I originally chose the CDT because I really liked the PhD research project I am currently working on, ‘Debating Ethics: Using Natural Language Datasets to Support Human and AI debate’. What I particularly liked about it is how it combines Argumentation with Philosophy and Ethics – which concurs with my expertise in Computational Argumentation and Philosophy – with the aim of more transparent reasoning. My mathematical and AI background, along with my professional hands-on research on Applied Linguistics, has really made clear to me the need for transparent reasoning and for safe and trustworthy systems in general. This is the second reason I chose the CDT since its core aim is safer and more trusted AI. Lastly, I find that the CDT provides a more complete PhD experience not only with its additional training seminars, activities, and masterclasses but also by building a cohort and, essentially, a community. 


Undergraduate Qualification: BSc (part of an Integrated Master), Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens 

Masters Qualifications:  
1. Integrated Master, Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens 
2. MSc, Artificial Intelligence, Utrecht University  

Conferences: Presented a paper on Argumentation at the NMR conference of 2021