Dr Liz Black (co-director of the STAI CDT) stands in front of a presentation welcoming everyone to STAI CDT Summer School 2023

STAI CDT Summer School 2023

15th August 2023 | News

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The STAI CDT Summer School was held in-person at Imperial College London across 17-19 July 2023. The summer school featured six invited talks by world-class researchers on cutting-edge topics on AI and its applications, including cooperative multi-agent systems, computational social choice, natural language processing, the verification of neural networks, the legal implications of AI and its possible existential threats to humankind.

The summer school was attended by over sixty participants, from different institutions in the UK and abroad, including the University of Edinburgh, the University of Innsbruck, the University of Geneva and the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology. 

Dr Francesco Belardinelli, co-director of the STAI CDT, commented, “The summer school has been successful beyond our expectations. We managed to attract a lively and diverse audience, which included researchers and practitioners in the various fields of AI. The invited speakers delivered engaging talks on some of the most pressing topics in AI nowadays. The STAI CDT would like to thank all those who contributed to the school, both its organisation and the delivery”. 

We look forward to the next edition of the Summer School. The recordings of keynote talks will be shared on the STAI CDT Summer School web page here shortly.