Zoe Ann Evans

My research is investigating how reinforcement learning, when used in human-robot interactions by robots, can perpetuate unfairness between different groups of people. I find this really important as society moves increasingly towards automating aspects of our day to day lives.

My other areas of interest include the linking AI and the humanities, issues with AI outside of data bias and AI and politics. I previously studied computer science at the University of Birmingham, where I gave a talk on the importance of the humanities subjects in our approach to building AI in the future.

I chose the CDT because I was really excited about the idea of working alongside likeminded people everyday and being able to bounce ideas around with others regularly. So far hearing about my peer’s research has helped lead to other interesting ideas and things to think about.

Masters Qualification: Msci Computer Science, University of Birmingham

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zoe-evans-32a292197/