Aamal Hussain

Undergraduate Qualification: BSc in Physics, Imperial College London 

Masters Qualification: Masters in Robotics and Computation, University College London

My PhD project explores the evolution of many body systems (crowds, swarms, particles etc). I aim to understand how systems which are comprised of many interacting bodies evolve over time, and how we can influence their behaviour through control.

I chose the CDT mostly due to my interaction with my supervisor Francesco Belardinelli. He immediately struck me as a great mentor and teacher, and I felt I would enjoy working with him. I’m glad to say that I was right! My supervisor has played a large role in my enjoying the PhD experience so far. However, the freedom in terms of choosing a research topic has definitely made the exploring new ideas a fun process.

Before joining the CDT I completed a few research placements during my first and third year summers. The former was with Imperial’s Biomedical Engineering Department, examining blast waves and pressure flow, whilst the latter was with the Zoological Society of London. However, the closest experience to actual research came through my master’s degree, in which projects were focused towards building research skills. My PhD PhD is mostly mathematical and computational, and the research experience from above has helped me prepare for my PhD. That said, there is definitely still a large learning curve in terms of new techniques and ideas required to deal with the problem at hand.