• Causal Decentralised Finance

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2022-KCL-3
    Themes: Logic, Norms, Verification
    Supervisor: Hana Chockler

    The goal of this project is to develop a causality-based framework for the analysis of decentralised finance (DeFi), based on the principled approach of actual causality [1] and responsibility [2], the latter pioneered by...

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  • Neural-symbolic learning of interpretable high-level knowledge from raw data

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2022-IC-2
    Themes: Logic, Norms
    Supervisor: Alessandra Russo

    Within the last two decades, Deep Learning has been demonstrated to achieve high accuracy in computational tasks that involve large quantities of data and for which manual feature extraction would be difficult to handle,...

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  • Trusted AI with WikiEthics and Agent Reasoning

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2021-KCL-14
    Themes: AI Provenance, Norms
    Supervisor: Albert Meroño Peñuela

    Deep learning has recently brought various AI breakthroughs in areas like computer vision, speech recognition, and language models. Thanks to these, digital photography is now at our fingertips, we can ask anything to home...

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