• Verification of Neuro-Symbolic Multi-Agent Systems in Uncertain Environments

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2023-KCL-28
    Themes: Multi-agent systems, Verification
    Supervisor: Nicola Paoletti

    The field of neuro-symbolic systems is an exciting area of research that combines the power of machine learning with the rigour of symbolic reasoning. Neural systems have shown great promise in a wide range of applications,...

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  • Incentive-aware digital twins for finance

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2023-KCL-14
    Themes: Game Theory, Multi-agent systems
    Supervisor: Carmine Ventre

    Modern financial markets represent fertile soil for AI systems. As of October 2019, at least two thirds of the UK financial services companies use AI, with its growing adoption in trading, risk management and pricing....

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