• AI-inspired Logic-based Methods for the Verification of Security Protocols

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2020-IC-36
    Themes: Logic, Norms, Verification
    Supervisor: Francesco Belardinelli

    The security and trustworthiness of AI systems poses a number of challenges related to the complexity of the systems at hand. Indeed, the design and development of security features calls for a careful modelling of the...

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  • Logical English

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2020-IC-12
    Themes: Logic
    Supervisor: Fariba Sadri

    Computer programs today are written in machine-oriented languages, which are not intelligible without computer training. As a consequence, many of the people who are affected by computer applications have little...

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  • Neural-symbolic learning: a solution for generalisable and explainable AI

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2020-IC-43
    Themes: AI Planning, Logic
    Supervisor: Alessandra Russo

    This research proposal focuses on developing a novel hybrid neural-symbolic learning approach that combines the capabilities of deep learning methods in extracting features from unstructured data with the ability of...

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  • A model-based verification for safe and trusted concurrent robotics systems

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2020-IC-21
    Themes: AI Planning, Logic, Verification
    Supervisor: Nobuko Yoshida

    SUMMARY Robotics applications involve programming concurrent components synchronising through messages while simultaneously executing motion actions that control the state of the physical world. Today, these applications...

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  • A Novel Model-driven AI Paradigm for Intrusion Detection

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2020-KCL-26
    Themes: AI Planning, Logic, Verification
    Supervisor: Fabio Pierazzi

    Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) are commonly deployed in networks and hosts to identify malicious activities representing misuse of computer systems. The numbers and types of attacks have been constantly increasing, and...

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  • Verifying Emergence Properties of Robotic Swarms

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2020-IC-31
    Themes: AI Planning, Logic, Verification
    Supervisor: Alessio Lomuscio

    The effective development and deployment of single-robot systems is increasingly shown to be problematic in a variety of application domains including search and rescue, remote exploration, de-mining, etc. These and other...

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