• Trusted AI with WikiEthics and Agent Reasoning

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2021-KCL-14
    Themes: AI Provenance, Norms
    Supervisor: Albert Meroño Peñuela

    Deep learning has recently brought various AI breakthroughs in areas like computer vision, speech recognition, and language models. Thanks to these, digital photography is now at our fingertips, we can ask anything to home...

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  • Explainable Safety, Security and Trust in Human-AI Systems

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2021-KCL-13
    Themes: AI Planning, AI Provenance, Logic, Norms, Verification
    Supervisor: Luca Vigano

    Explanations can help all the stakeholders of AI systems and Cybersystems to make better choices. In particular, they can help human users to understand and trust the choices of autonomous systems or to interact in a safe...

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  • Trustful Ontology Engineering and Reasoning through Provenance

    Project ID: STAI-CDT-2021-KCL-12
    Themes: AI Provenance, Logic
    Supervisor: Albert Meroño Peñuela

    Ontologies have become fundamental AI artifacts in providing knowledge to intelligent systems. The concepts and relationships formalised in these ontologies are frequently used to semantically annotate data, helping...

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