Robotics and Social Justice

The Responsible Robotics and AI Lab is open to applications for a PhD in blue sky research at the intersection of robotics and social justice.

The project sits at the intersection of Computer Science and Social Science, and it is expected that the successful candidate will choose an appropriate co-supervisor at a later stage (this choice will be made in conversation with Martim Brandao, the main supervisor).

We are particularly looking for students interested in:

– Investigating issues of social justice in robotics (e.g. worker conditions, police misuse, accountability, racism, sexism, colonialism)

– Developing new methodologies for anti-[racist/ageist/ableist/sexist/capitalist/colonial] robotics

– Abolitionist robotics (e.g. for tackling homelessness, mental health, domestic violence, child welfare and other social problems in humane community-grounded ways, without police involvement). The goal there is to make sure robots employ algorithms that guarantee safety for people who are usual victims of police violence and misconduct.

The PhD proposal should include a plan suggesting how the chosen factors of social justice will be investigated, which prototypes developed, and how they will be evaluated.

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