Ensuring AI Robustness & Safety: An Industry Perspective

Tarek Besold

2 December 2020

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

neurocat is a Berlin-based AI start-up specializing in testing, monitoring and improving the quality and security of artificial intelligence (AI) systems. neurocat’s enthusiasm (and indisputable nerdiness) has allowed them to work with multi-national organizations across industries and cultures (including the automotive and the telecoms sector) to improve their customers’ Machine Learning modules. In this talk, using neurocat and their products as a showcase, we will take a look at (some aspects of) AI quality/trustworthy AI from an industry perspective: What are currently discussed questions and worries? Which form(s) can solutions to these questions take and how can they be productized? What role do standardization and regulatory efforts play?

About the speaker

Tarek Besold is CTO and Acting Managing Partner at neurocat GmbH