Monitoring Compliance with Dynamic Norms under Uncertainty

This project will develop the first norm monitor capable of checking compliance with dynamic and adaptable norms on the basis of incomplete and uncertain observations. Most of existing proposals on norm compliance monitoring assume that monitors have perfect information and observation capabilities, or that norms are fixed and known at design time. However, this assumption is too strong for modern hyper-connected, socio-technical, and cyber-physical systems due to their inherent uncertainty, incompleteness and dynamism. For example, in a business environment it is: infeasible to observe all files uploaded/downloaded to/from public could services, since employees can perform these actions using non-corporate network/devices; impossible to detect all sensitive information contained in files with complete certainty; and norms controlling access to public cloud services can change as a result of new legislation (e.g., GDPR) or threats. In this project, will propose a novel norm monitor for hyper-connected, socio-technical, and cyber-physical systems.

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