Explainable Safety, Security and Trust in Human-AI Systems

Explanations can help all the stakeholders of AI systems and Cybersystems to make better choices. In particular, they can help human users to understand and trust the choices of autonomous systems or to interact in a safe and secure way with semi-autonomous systems. They can also help different AI systems and Cybersystems to interact with each other (semi-)independently in a safe, secure and trusted way.

Much work has recently been devoted to Explainable AI, which has so far focused on new AI techniques that enable end users to understand, appropriately trust, and effectively manage the emerging generation of AI systems. However, Explainable Safety and Security in AI systems is still largely unchartered territory, especially since it involves several different stakeholders (i.e., the system’s developers, analysts, users and attackers) and is multi-faceted by nature (as it requires reasoning about system model, threat model and properties of security, privacy and trust as well as concrete attacks, vulnerabilities and countermeasures). The main aim of this PhD project will be to devise novel formal techniques to tackle Explanations in Human-AI Systems, which will encompass both explainable safety, security and trust in AI systems and the use of AI for explainability of safe, secure and trusted cybersystems.

In order to provide, and reason about, explanations in Human-AI systems it will be necessary to consider fundamental questions about the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of explainability, and integrate explanations in the system execution.

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AI Planning, AI Provenance, Logic, Norms, Verification