Ruud Skipper

My PhD project is about Hypothesis Knowledge Graphs. Specifically, we are looking at how hypotheses can be extracted from research papers, processed into a machine-readable knowledge graph, and then used to generate novel “undiscovered” hypotheses from the literature. 

I am studying with the STAI CDT for many reasons. The course offers a broad view on the field of Artificial Intelligence through its seminars and masterclasses, whilst still allowing me to gain a deep knowledge in my chosen area of hypothesis generation. It also gives us plenty of chances to socialise with our peers through a cohort-based approach, helping to take some of the stress out of what could have been a much more solitary experience. Before starting the PhD, I worked as a data analyst, but I wanted to move away from the commercial world to take part in something which would have a beneficial impact on the future. Safe and Trusted AI was the perfect opportunity for this. 


Undergraduate Qualification: BA, Physics, University of Oxford 

Masters Qualification: MSci, Computer Science, University of Kent 

Work Experience: I worked as a data analyst for 2 years helping clients to discover marketing opportunities from their customer databases.