Alexander Manta

Undergraduate Qualification: BSc in Computer Science, Technical University of Munich 

Masters Qualification: MSc in Computer Science, Technical University of Munich 

In my PhD research I am interested in using formal methods to guarantee that learning methods satisfy a given safety specification. I chose the CDT because AI safety is my main research interest and I wanted to do my PhD with Prof. Lomuscio, so the choice was pretty straightforward. 

Joining the CDT is my first time living abroad, and I really appreciate having a cohort of peers where we’re we help each other out. The other thing I also appreciate about the CDT is that the CDT administration always asks us for feedback and not just decides what they think is best for us. 

Prior to joining the CDT, I did an extensive amount of research for my master’s thesis which resulted in a joint paper with my supervisor at ATVA’19. 

Alexander’s Publications: 

Jan Kretínský, Alexander Manta, Tobias Meggendorfer: Semantic Labelling and Learning for Parity Game Solving in LTL Synthesis. ATVA 2019: 404-422