Prof Alessio Lomuscio

Founding Deputy Director

Alessio Lomuscio is Professor in Logic for Multi-Agent Systems in the Department of Computing, where he directs the Verification of Autonomous Systems (VAS) reserach group. He currently holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Fellowship in Emerging Technology, and was previously the recipient of the EPSRC Leadership Fellowship “Trusted Autonomous Systems”. His research interests concern the principled analysis of autonomous agents. Since early 2000 Lomuscio pioneered the topic of verification of autonomous systems via model checking and was one of the early proponents of verifiable AI.

The VAS group developed and still maintains MCMAS, a leading model checking tool for multi-agent systems and has put forward various verification methods for unbounded multi-agent systems, such as robotic swarms, including probabilistic approaches.

He has recently focused his attention on autonomous systems synthesised from data. The VAS group develops and maintains state-of-the-art toolkits for the verification of neural networks. He has published approximately 150 papers in top tier AI and verification conferences and journals; he is a fellow of the EurAI. In addition to his research work, he frequently gives graduate courses on Safe AI (e.g., Stanford, 2019) and regularly engages with the wider community (e.g., World Economic Forum 2017-2018, Sotif Automotive Conference 2019).

For more information, visit Alessio’s public profile.